Our history

Passion and feelings, accompanied by professionalism and experience, gave life to Boutique Made In Italy.

Boutique Made In Italy dresses the ageless woman, who likes to be feminine, elegant and fashionable, without ever giving up quality fabrics with a guarantee of a Made In Italy product. Whether you’re looking for a day outfit, weekend or special event, our fashion specialists will be at your service.

We import high-end clothing, accessories and cocktail dresses. Boutique Made In Italy also offers a personalized shopping service, free of charge, by rv, for CEO, commercial event, social event or TV event. Our priority, make you feel like a prima donna, as every woman deserves. Come meet us to discover the latest trends in Italian fashion.

Coco Chanel

“If a woman is badly dressed, we notice her dress, but if it is impeccably dressed, it is she that we notice. “

Guccio Gucci

“We remember the quality much longer than the price. “

Giorgio Armani

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be focused relentlessly on the smallest details. ”


I entered the Ste-Dorothée store for the first time this week and was impressed by the quality of the clothing presented, both in terms of variety, exclusivity and originality. The service is attentive. I was presented with models that suited my figure. I am happy with my purchases. These are clothes that are not found elsewhere. I will definitely return for the next season.

Danielle Papineau